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Let’s make lasagna, baby.

Two of our good friends welcomed their first baby into the world last Friday. John and I wanted to stop by their house and see the cute little girl and say hello to the new parents. I knew they would be exhausted so I wanted to bring dinner over. I wanted to make something where I knew there would be leftovers, since cooking is pretty low on their priority list right now.

Lasagna was the first thing that came to my mind. It’s a classic comfort food and fit the bill in terms of something that would provide leftovers.

I searched for a recipe and decided on this one. I mean, what would be better than The World’s Best Lasagna? This recipe has upwards of 6,000 reviews and five stars.

And so it began…

It was enjoyed by all!

This was the first time I’ve ever made a classic lasagna recipe and while it wasn’t overly complicated, it really made me appreciate the time it takes to make a home cooked meal. When I was younger my mom always cooked dinner for our family and it’s so easy to dismiss (or not recognize) the time and effort that goes into making a hot meal.

It’s not like TV where your finished lasagna is waiting in your second oven and it definitely takes more than 30 minutes.


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