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Jillian Michaels: Shred It With Weights (Review on Level 1)

I really enjoy DVD workouts that you can do at home if they are effective and worth your time. I own several of Jillian Michael’s workouts and I can tell you they are effective if done correctly.

Shred It With Weights is a kettbell workout, but if you don’t own a kettlebell you’re able to peform the moves with a single hand weight. In fact, in the video, one of the girls performs all moves with a hand weight which is very helpful.

Be warned that it’s not the same workout with a hand weight. The first time I did the DVD I used a 5 pound hand weight (they recommend using a weight between 3 to 8 pounds). I hardly broke a sweat and felt that DVD fell a little flat.

When I switched to using a 10 pound kettebell, wow, I felt the difference immediately. I would highly recommend using a kettlebell if possible. My kettlebell is from TJ Maxx and was fairly cheap compared to ones sold elsehwhere.

My other advice to you is to watch a video on proper kettlebell technique and form. Jillian doesn’t do the best job explaining this and I don’t want you to get injured. I took a begginer kettlebell class a few months ago and learned the technique. I found this video on YouTube and my kettlebell happened to come with a short DVD.

Level 1 of this DVD includes a warm-up, three circuits, and a cool down. The entire workout is about 30 minutes long. There are some moves such as the jumping squats and turkish getups which are too hard on my knees personally, so I do my own exercise of choice during that time. Those are two TOUGH moves!

Overall, this is great, short and effective workout and you will feel it the next day. I love using my kettlebell and I can’t wait to post more about it. You definitely get a total body workout.


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