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Crunchy Cabbage Slaw

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A quick and simple dish with lots of flavor!

 John and I grabbed lunch at Whole Foods this weekend when we were out and about and I got some of this yummy cabbage salad at their salad bar. It was so tasty and I wanted to recreate it at home.

All you need is:

-one head of green cabbage, chopped or shredded into strips

For dressing:

-1 cup, apple cider vinegar

-1.5 tablespoons of oil (I used vegetable)

-1/4 cup honey

-kosher sea salt (to taste)

-1/2 tbsp, black sesame seeds

-1/4 cup, sliced almonds

Whisk dressing together and combine with cabbage in large bowl. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before eating, shaking it around every 30 minutes or so.

Nom nom nom.


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  1. you should invest in extra virgin olive oil. ❤

    • I have some! I used vegetable oil so it wouldn’t harden up as easily in the fridge. I wanted to use coconut oil, but it would have done that super fast. I usually never use vegetable oil. 🙂


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