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Strength Training will save you, so get off the elliptical.

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I came across this article via Yahoo! News on the benefits of strength training. I really liked how the article was presented.

It mentions how strength is directly related to longevity, and how people who are strong live the longest. Who doesn’t want to live longer?

Another topic it brings up is how walking blindly around the gym is doing you no good  (Remember my lost cat analogy?).

Most of all, it talks about how sitting for hours on end every day is one of the worst things we do. Then some of us show up at the gym and we sit down to row, sit on a recumbant bike, sit for lat pull downs, etc.

Some say sitting will kill us. Something to think about isn’t it?

“Your toughest lift will be your ass of the couch.” – So true!

*I am not a fitness professional, so please always consult with your healthcare professional before starting a new program.


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