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Sometimes you just need a plan, man.

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I need to get back into a good exercise routine. I’ve been working out, but not as much as I’d like to me. It’s been hard adjusting back to working full-time, especially with a longer commute than I was used to before. It’s not too bad, but it takes me about a half hour in the mornings and anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes to get home depending on when I leave.

My goal right now is to workout for an hour four days a week. I want to get to five days, but for now I’m going to aim for four since they will be intense workouts.

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will go to CrossFit for the WOD at 7 a.m.

Sunday I will run. If I don’t want to run, I can bike, or really just something in.

I think this plan gives me more than enough time to rest  and it works with my schedule well.

Right now my back is hurting me because my desk chair at work is crappy. I should be getting a new chair within a week, thank goodness! For now I’m using the guest chair that is in my office, because it’s better than what I have currently. I guess sitting will kill you, eh? Kill your back…

I’ve been having a good week this far as far as eating goes. I have cut out most sugar, grains, and processed foods. John has been doing a great job too. We are stuck somewhere in between clean eating and a Paleo approach. I think it’s a good plan for now and I will let you know how it goes.

How are you getting your workouts in? Do you keep a schedule?


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  1. Glad you’re getting a new chair. I just got one too and it’s so much better!

    I keep a workout spreadsheet – you’ve seen it before, but just in case:

    It helps me so much, because I can re-work it to fit in vacations and whatnot and plan in advance. And color-coding the workouts helps because I can visually see the effort I’m putting in.

    Good luck with your eating and exercise plans!


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