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Red, White, and Beautiful

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Hey everyone, I wanted to post about my look that I wore for the 4th. I know the holiday is behind us now, but guess what? The 2012 Summer Olympics start in a few weeks on July 27th and this look also works to show your USA pride!

I saw a lot of crazy looks out there for the 4th, but I didn’t want to be hanging out at our friends BBQ with stars, stripes, and flags all over my face. o_0 I wanted to do something subtle, but still celebratory.

Cute and simple, right? Red lipstick, white shimmery shadow, and blue mascara. It’s as easy as that. I also decided to use some peachy blush, and blue eyeliner winged-out. I bought a cheap eyeliner at Walgreens for $0.99 so it was pretty hard to work with and had little color payoff. Boo.

My outfit you ask? I got this flowy red top at Target and these really cute and appropriate shorts at Forever 21.

Product spotlight:

Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer (SPF!)

MAC Eye Shadows in Shroom and Blanc Type

Great Lash mascara in Royal Blue

Smashbox Brow Tech in Brunette

Crappy blue eyeliner in Who Even Cares? x_x

MAC lipstick in Russian Red

MAC lipliner in Brick

Neutrogena Age Shield Face Sunblock SPF 70 (Seemed to work well, my face didn’t get red at all!)

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock SPF 70 (Not impressed, still got a little red, but maybe I didn’t spray enough?)


Adele Grammy Inspired Look: Claire

My friend Claire has really been wanting a red lipstick. Today she bought one from MAC in the shade Russian Red as well as picking up their lipliner in Brick. When we got back to my apartment and I prepared to do her makeup, I tried to think of a good look to pair with a bright red lip. I was originally going to do a purple look on her eyes, but that would have been too much with the red lips.

I thought of Adele’s makeup at the Grammy awards this year and did a look inspired by that. I changed it up a little and did more of a smokey eye on the outer corner of her eyes instead of Adele’s bold cat eye.

My blanket of hair needs some layers!

Sexy red lips!

pretty Claire!

Fancy picture from Instagram, I thought this filter really brought out the colors.

Products used:

Smashbox Photofinish Primer

Nars liquid foundation

Nars blush in Sin

MAC So Ceylon Mineralize Skin Finish

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

Urban Decay Primer Potion

MAC Solar White eye shadow

MAC Rice Paper eye shadow

MAC French Grey eye shadow

MAC Black Ties eye shadow

MAC Russian Red lipstick

MAC Brick lip liner

Maybelline Great Lash masacara

Ardell false lashes

Doesn’t Claire look awesome? I am hoping to be posting a few more looks over the next two weeks including one inspired by Zooey Deschanel. Are there any specific looks you’d like to see? Let me know!

iDakota: Upcycling For Your Cat

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A few weekends ago I was looking around Pinterest and came across the cutest thing! Someone had taken a vintage TV, gutted it, and turned it into a cat bed! As I looked more into this concept I saw that it can be done with an old computer monitor. I told John about this idea, and being that we are both so in love with our kitty Dakota we decided he needed one. These sell on Etsy for anywhere from $100 and up and since John (my husband, btw) is a computer engineer, he felt confident we could safely disassemble a monitor/computer and create one ourselves.

We wanted to use an old school iMac monitor and asked Dakota what color he wanted. He told us purple. We found an old one on Craigslist for $20 and went to pick it up. We also stopped to get a nice soft comfy blanket for Dakota’s soon-to-be new bed.

Here are some photos of John taking apart the computer. Please do not attempt this at home unless you are qualified to do so. Whether you use a TV, monitor, etc. it can can still carry a charge.

After all our John’s hard work, Dakota did not act like the other cats we saw online and relish in the comfy joy of his new iMac bed.  He acted like a typical cat diva, sniffed it, and walked away. THE HORROR! We tried to encourage *force* him to try it out, which didn’t work. We tried some cat nip, toys…nothing worked!

 Damn it Dakota! Yeah, he was pissed.

We were very disappointed, but we knew there was a chance this would happen. We placed the new bed in a spot he liked to lie down in our room and hoped he’d take to it.

Three weeks pass, no luck. John and I had given up hope. Until last night…


I walked into our room and saw Dakota checking out his iMac bed, I tiptoed out, came back a few minutes later and found him cozy as can be in his iMac! Hipster cat has arrived! He slept in the iMac for about 2 hours last night.

I wanted to share the whole story of our iMac cat bed upcycling project.  I do not want to lie to you and give you the impression that your cat will immediately love his new cute sleeping spot. That is the impression I got from the ones I saw even though I knew deep down, a cat is a cat.

Have you ever bought or made your pet a unique toy or bed?

All over the place.

So now that I’m back from all of the wedding festivities and our honeymoon, it’s time to get back on track with fitness. The problem is that I am all over the place. Let me explain.

I was doing CrossFit for the  two months leading up to our wedding. It was intense, but I enjoyed it! I can no longer go to that particular CrossFit gym, so I have to find a new one.

I also want to do the Disney Princess Half Marathon next year. It’s in late February 2013. I am not saying I can’t train for that and do CrossFit, sure it’s possible. What I’m saying is I know how I am and if I ask myself to do both, it will be too much.

The other dilemma is that CrossFit is expensive. I can run outside for free, and I’ve also found a YMCA close to work that offers a ton of classes as well as having the standard equipement set-up of course.

I am leaning towards the running goal/YMCA membership. Like I said, I really want to do that half and the YMCA offers Body Pump (which I love).

In other news, I am excited to read Bob Harper’s new book when it comes out in a few weeks. It’s called the Skinny Rules. I have the Jillian Michael’s book Master Your Metabolism somewhere collecting dust. Maybe I’ll dust if off this week and read it!

So what do you think about my fitness dilemma? Have you read Jillian’s book?

It’s not fair.

fair 1. free from bias, dishonesty, or injustice


I often get hung up on the idea of fairness, because life should be fair, right?

If I do good at a job interview and don’t get an offer, it’s not fair.

If I work hard to lose weight and see slow results, it’s not fair.

If I am a good person and bad things happen to me, it’s definitely not fair.

I guess this could tie into the more philosophical question (which I often also wonder) of, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” but I’m going to try and keep things light.

I am guilty as anyone else is on dropping the F-bomb (fair-bomb), because well, in a perfect world, things would indeed be fair. The immoral people who do bad things would experience bad things, and the moral and good people would be reaping in the goodness.

But it’s not a perfect world, our lives aren’t perfect, and surely people aren’t perfect.

I think one thing we have to remember is that life isn’t fair. The thought of fairness is irrelevant in our lives. Sure, if we work hard and are good people, I believe we will have our fair share of happiness, but we will also have our fair share of disappointment and pain. It’s just part of life.

Someone you love, who is a good person may fall ill,  you won’t get the promotion you worked so hard for, and you may lose something or someone very important to you. You may find yourself in tears, crying out “This isn’t fair! I don’t deserve this!” I know I have many times. And you know what? You probably don’t deserve it.

Regardless, we need to focus on when live has been fair to us, when good things have happened, and know that good things will come again, even if it seems impossible. Life is so full of ups and downs, highs and lows. If you look back over your life I’m sure you’d agree.

I’m not saying it’s easy to be positive and brush off all this unfairness that will come your way, but if you can change your way of thinking about it, you’re bound to be happier.

Are you guilty of dropping the F-bomb? Will you try to have a more positive outlook about life and fairness in 2012?

That moment when you decide.

Hello friends, Happy New Year! It’s been two months since my last post. That’s not okay. In my defense, I’ve been a bit busy with the holiday season amongst other things.

I don’t like the idea of a true resolution, I like to make goals for the year and do the best I can.

My goal for 2012 is to make it the best year I can, for myself and for those in my life.

As 2011 came to an end, things were going pretty good. I felt really positive as the New Year approached. I have a lot to look forward to this year. In less than three months, I will be marrying my best friend and we will be spending two weeks in Europe for our honeymoon!

I have to say though, the first and second day of January came with two blows and had be left feeling blue. “Here we go again,” I thought.

Yet, as I woke up thing morning, even though I still feel a bit kicked down, I realized that this is that moment. The moment when I make the decision to overcome the set-backs and push forward, to not let these things ruin my day (month, year, etc.).

I liken it to when I started Weight Watchers in 2005. My first week on the program I lost 5 pounds and felt great. When I weighed-in my second week I saw a gain. It was so defeating and I remember being very upset and crying and doubting my ability. Again though, it was that moment when I made the choice to overcome the set-back and keep going. I subsequently lost over 100 pounds in the following 16 months.

Now, as I leave my computer from writing this post, my anxiousness still lingers and I feel that twinge of sadness within, but I chose to push past it and meet my goals and prosper this year.

I hope you all can do the same this year, meet your goals and overcome your personal hurdles.

Offensive Friday

How can you offend every single nerd at the same time?

John came across this on Facebook and I had to share it because it’s just so damn accurate. (source unknown)