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Feline Frenzy: The Cat Eye

I’ve always loved the winged cat eye look, but recently it seems to have really gotten popular which is awesome. I saw this chart of different style cat eyes on Pinterest and I thought it was pretty cool.

Quick tips for creating the perfect cat-eye:

  • I personally use MAC Blacktrack Fluidline and their #266 thin angled brush. I think it’s super easy to control and create a thin line and build from there.
  • Use small strokes to create your line rather than trying to line the entire length of your eye in one swipe. This will give you more control.
  • A great tip I learned recently was to draw your wing first. By doing this you know exactly where and how far out you want to go.
  • I have a bad habit of stretching my eyelid out, this can distort your line when you let go. Keep your eyelid relaxed so your line looks natural along with the curve of your eyelid.
  • For a more dramatic look, connect your wing from your upper lash line to the corner of your bottom lash line and continue to line your lower lash line.
  • Be sure that your line you create is right up against your lash line. You don’t want to be able to see any eyelid between your liner and lash line. If you notice a spot, go over the line again with more product, focusing on the lash line.
  • If your wing you create turns out too thick or messy, take a q-tip dipped in makeup remover to clean up your line.
  • Practice, practice, practice! If you don’t get it right the first time, keep at it! You’ll get the hang of it.

How do you create your cat-eye? Which product do you use and love?


Surprise Nails are surprising.

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I saw a picture of some fancy nails on Pinterest that were pink, but her ring finger was painted with silver glitter. I decided to call this the “Surprise Nail.” You expect all the nails to be the same and you don’t see it coming…and then out of nowhere, BAM! A Surprise Nail appears.

Last week I gave myself a manicure which is always tricky. I’m working on my skills, but I still have a way to go to be as the professionals.

OPI Russian Navy with a silver glitter from Ulta

I really enjoyed this throughout the week and kept surprising John with my glitter nails, which like a loving husband he acted well, surprised!

Since I am such a fan, I convinced my friend Claire to let me give her Surprise Nails.

Essie Nice is Nice with an NYC chunky glitter

Claire is a scientist and promised to wear gloves this week so chemicals don’t melt away her pretty polish.

Tonight, I was painting my nails with a new color I got this weekend and a little inspriration came out of the blue for a shatter Surprise Nail.

Essie Tart Deco with OPI Black Shatter

I loved how this one came out. A little sloppier than I would have liked, but my arms are sore from CrossFit. Cut me a break.

My friend Daniella was also inspired by Suprise Nails and sent me a photo of hers. An animal print surprise nail! She said she used the nail stickers for her surprise nail.

What do you think about this new trend that I went ahead and named? Share your photos!